Frequently Asked Questions
Is this recommended only for new groups that are just getting started?
No. The profile and exercises work great for groups that have been long-standing — as well as for groups just starting out.

Does the group leader need to have additional information to facilitate this process?
No. Everything you need is in the report. It′s straight forward and simple.

Once I purchase codes to take the questionnaire, do they ever expire?
No. The codes never expire.

Are there discount prices for bulk orders?
Yes. Codes are available in a variety of blocks at discount prices.

If I′m purchasing multiple codes for all my group members at once (to receive a discount) how do I get the codes to my individual group members?
After purchasing, you will instantly receive an email with the block of codes you ordered. You can hand deliver these codes or send them to members electronically.

If I purchase a block of codes, will I automatically receive copies of other group member′s profile reports?
No. We treat the individual profile reports as confidential and as property of the person responding. If appropriate, they can easily email a copy of their report to you.

What if I have technical problems or do not receive my results immediately?
Please contact us for any reason and we will assist you promptly during business hours. Use our Contact us page and provide your first and last name and any other order information you might have (e.g., the code, invoice number and so on.)
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